Project d’Amélioration de la Qualité de l’Education (PAQUED)

The Project D’Amelioration de la Qualite de l’Education (PAQUED) was a 5-year USAID-funded project (2009-2014), implemented by the Education Development Center (EDC), intended to strengthen teaching and learning so that children leave primary school with solid literacy/numeracy skills. PAQUED reached 3,000 primary schools, 30,000 teachers and 1.2 million students. PAQUED focused on teachers' understanding of the literacy needs of students, and their skills in applying effective techniques in the classroom. This practice-based approach was addressed through EDC’s Read Right Now! literacy program, which revolves around “Four Rs” for teachers: Respect, Routines, Resources, and Support for Risk-taking. Teachers received an intensive training and support program, refresher training, and materials. A 2014 evaluation of the program revealed profound results - Grade 1 students in PAQUED significantly out-performed students in control schools, and a good proportion of Grade 2 students, after only one year of the program, were able to attain or surpass the DRC’s Grade 3 French fluency benchmark.

The three primary school interactive radio instruction (IRI) series provide curricula-based grade 1-6 language and mathematics programming for learners in formal schools. There is also a short series that guides community leaders, families, and others on how to organize and manage community schools. Finally, there is a teacher training series for grades 1-6 teachers on how to conduct IRI/IAI in their classrooms.

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