About INEE

Who We Are

INEE is a network of more than 17,000 individual members and 130 partner organizations in 190 countries. INEE members are NGO and UN personnel, ministry of education and other government staff, students, teachers, donors, and researchers who do work related to education in emergencies. INEE exists for and because of its members.

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INEE maintains a core staff team, called the INEE Secretariat, that represents the network, leads and supports network activities, and coordinates network processes, systems, and projects.

Steering Group

The INEE Steering Group, as defined in the INEE by-laws, is composed of organizational members, represented by senior professionals in the field of education in emergencies. 

Working Groups

INEE Working Groups are formal groups of institutional members who work together to implement specific activities toward the achievement of priorities within the INEE Strategic Framework.

Member Organizations

INEE is composed of members who work for hundreds of organizations in the field of education in emergencies and post-crisis recovery.