Özgenur Korlu


Term: March 2024 - February 2026

Özgenur Korlu is the INEE Country Focal Point for Türkiye. She holds dual Bachelor's degrees in Economics and Political Science and International Relations from Boğaziçi University, along with a Master's degree in Business Administration from MEF University. To further enhance her expertise, she has undertaken specialized trainings in data analysis, demonstrating her commitment to using data for social impact. 

In 2018, she began her career as a researcher at the Education Reform Initiative, an independent and not-for-profit think-and-do tank. This organization is dedicated to contributing to systemic transformation in education for the development of the child and society through sound evidence, constructive dialogue, and innovative/critical thinking. During her tenure as a researcher, she prepared Türkiye’s profile for the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report 2021/2 and established the 'Data Literacy Summer School' to support stakeholders in data-driven policymaking. Furthermore, she has served as a Steering Committee Member for various projects, focusing on conditional cash transfer for education, child protection, and refugee education. In 2021, Korlu was promoted to Policy Analyst at the same institution, where she primarily oversees data-centric studies and designs monitoring strategies. Her research focuses on critical areas such as education finance, educational attainment, and education in emergencies. Following the devastating earthquakes on 6 February 2023 in Türkiye and Syria, the Education Reform Initiative established the 'Education Sector Sharing Group in Emergencies'. This solidarity platform facilitates collaboration among civil society organizations and experts dedicated to education in emergencies, with Özgenur serving as the coordinator. Özgenur is Turkish and speaks Turkish and English.

Email: ozgenur.korlu@inee.org