Khatira Abdul Samad


Term: March 2024 - February 2026

Khatira Abdul Samad is the INEE Country Focal Point for Pakistan. She is an Afghan refugee residing in Pakistan for the past 20 years. She began advocating for refugees' rights to education and gender equality during her time in a refugee school where she witnessed firsthand the challenges refugees face. 

She co-founded Ameen Foundation, an organization focused on providing informal education, skill development, and consultation classes on various topics related to school admissions, scholarships, employment, and financial literacy. She also offers support for mental health issues among refugees. 

Khatira has served as a Member of the Refugee Education Council and worked on the #TogetherforLearning campaign. In this role, she advised the Government of Canada on the development of innovative policy solutions aimed at addressing education gaps. She is a member of the UNESCO Youth & Student Network, actively participating in shaping global education policies. She is also a youth advisor for World Bank’s Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE), where she contributes to initiatives aimed at enhancing youth employment opportunities. Moreover, Khatira advocates for climate change and education as a COP28 International Youth Climate Delegate, highlighting the importance of addressing environmental issues in education policies. Khatira is Afghani living in Pakistan and speaks Urdu, Farsi, and English.