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Meet up
Announcing the next round of INEE Meet-Ups!

We are pleased to announce the next round of INEE Meet-Ups happening from 15-31 May!! You are invited to join any of the events that interest you.

TWB GN Eng Cover
Teacher Wellbeing Guidance Note now in 6 languages!

We are delighted to share with you the Guidance Note for Teacher Wellbeing in Emergency Settings, now available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Ukrainian. This tool puts the wellbeing of teachers at the center of response & recovery in crisis settings.

ECDEiE cover
New Disability-Inclusive ECDiE Brief

We are delighted to share a new policy brief on Disability-inclusive Early Childhood Development in Emergencies (ECDiE). The brief highlights tools, frameworks, and promising practices to support disability-inclusive ECDiE, and offers recommendations for governments, donors, and programmers to bridge the gaps in the programming and delivery of ECDiE.

JEiE Vol 8 No 3
Announcing JEiE’s Special Issue on Education in Pandemics!

The new special issue from the Journal on Education in Emergencies explores teacher pay and working conditions, rapid transition to remote learning, realities of accessing remote learning in digitally marginalized and low-resource contexts, student experiences during COVID-19, historical perspectives on past pandemics, and much more.

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