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JEiE cover
Call for Papers: Journal on Education in Emergencies

The JEiE seeks theoretical and empirical research articles and insightful field notes that address innovative tools or approaches in the field of education in emergencies for publication in late 2023. Deadline to submit is 31 January 2023.

Bridging the Gap
New Resource! Strengthening the Evidence Base for Gender-Responsive EiE

The new Bridging the Gap advocacy brief highlights key gaps in the evidence base on gender and EiE and recommends priority research areas and research questions to take forward.

New Teacher Wellbeing Contextualizations

We are excited to share with you the work of four teams - in Colombia, Kenya, Myanmar, and Palestine - who contextualized different domains of the recently published Guidance Note on Teacher Wellbeing in Emergency Settings. 

Restructuring INEE Network Spaces and Ways of Working

We are excited to announce that we are restructuring the INEE network spaces and ways of working! The new, simplified structures make it easier for members to participate, and allow for better representation of the network’ rich diversity.

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