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JEiE Special Issue on Education and the War on Drugs

We are pleased to announce the newest volume of the Journal on Education in Emergencies! It examines how education is not only a space that has suffered extensive collateral damage from the war on drugs, but also how education policies and practices perpetuate and sustain this long-running, transnational, and multifaceted war

Join the INEE 20th Anniversary Celebration

As part of our 20th anniversary commemoration, we will be holding a series of events and launching a report about the progress of education in emergencies over the past two decades, including INEE’s role in that.

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Weighing up the risks: School closure and reopening under COVID-19

In this policy paper INEE and the Alliance for Child Protection developed a framework for a balanced analysis to inform decisions based on holistic child-wellbeing as to when and why to re-open schools.

Teacher at empty school in Ethiopia, UNICEF_Ayene
INEE’s COVID-19 Response

INEE is taking action to support our members, partners, and communities by ensuring they are equipped to help their governments, schools, teachers, parents/caregivers, and students mitigate the effects of the crisis and support the continuity of education for children and youth.

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