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Restructuring INEE: Network Spaces and Ways of Working INEE

We are excited to announce that we are restructuring the INEE network spaces and ways of working! The new, simplified structures make it easier for members to participate, and allow for better representation of the network’ rich diversity.

New e-learning course on Gender Responsive Education in Emergencies!

The course explores the gender-based barriers to education, especially in emergencies, and how to identify and address them to help ensure that education provided is at least sensitive to gender considerations and, wherever possible, contributes to addressing the root causes of gender inequality.

New Case Studies on Teachers in Crisis Contexts!

We are thrilled to share the second edition of Teachers in Crisis Contexts: Promising Practices in Teacher Professional Development, Well-being, Management, and School Leadership. It provides teachers, practitioners, policymakers, and donors with compelling examples of programs and practices that positively influence improvements in teachers’ work conditions and teaching practice.

New Resource: Background Paper Distance Education in Emergencies

This background paper highlights specific challenges, lessons learned, practices, and actions to consider when aiming to provide quality, principles-based distance education (DE) in emergencies. The paper considers inclusion and equity to be key guiding principles for education in general and calls for their application across all education modalities, especially distance education. 

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