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April INEE Meet-Ups are happening soon!

Various virtual Meet-Ups (Global, Geographical, Topical and Stakeholder) are being organized by volunteers all over the world. Click the link below to see the list of confirmed events to date and sign up to attend those of interest!

New Paper on Humanitarian-Development Coherence in Education

We are excited to announce the launch of a new background paper: Humanitarian-Development Coherence in Education: Working together in crisis contexts! The purpose of this paper is to demystify the concept of humanitarian-development coherence.

MS Framework Cover
INEE Minimum Standards Indicator Framework

This framework provides a way for EiE stakeholders to demonstrate alignment with and progress towards the INEE Minimum Standards. They are examples of how projects and activities might demonstrate how the INEE MS are being employed within their programming.

Introducing INEE Country Focal Points

12 INEE members were selected for the pilot phase of the new CFP initiative. CFPs are envisioned to be key reference persons at country level, tasked to support networking and communication, particularly through the facilitation of information exchange among INEE members. 

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