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Join the INEE Community of Practice!

The new CoP, which is FREE and OPEN for all INEE members, is set to revolutionize our community engagement. This Slack-based platform provides moderated channels in the five INEE languages and peer-to-peer direct messaging in any language. 

State of Girls EiE Report & Policy Paper

This comprehensive report, and accompanying policy paper, identifies progress in the provision and quality of women’s and girls’ EiE and gaps in current reporting and accountability mechanisms since the 2018 Charlevoix Declaration.

Educate Us! Podcast Series out now!

Educate Us! is a new INEE podcast series about women’s and girls’ education in humanitarian crises. The series features a range of stories and perspectives on women’s and girls’ education in emergencies, and explores the gains made in girls’ education and the slip backwards caused by the pandemic.

Launching the INEE Help Desk

We are excited to announce the launch of the INEE Help Desk, a tool for providing rapid and specific technical support on education in emergencies. The Help Desk is designed to respond to your questions about INEE tools and resources.

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